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2021 Reclink Australia Annual Report

In what has been another challenging year for all of us, we are excited to now share our 2021 Annual Report with you.

Reclink began with a network of community service agencies getting together to run sports program for their clients.

Today Reclink curates a national network of over 500 community services agencies getting together to co-design and run sports programs across the country, supported by Reclink’s Sports and Recreation Coordinators.

In the intervening 30 years Reclink has shown time and again through personal stories and research how important it is for people to be connected to sport, art, and recreation as a core element of their healing journey.

It brings about three things that Reclink always seeks for participants: 

1. Improved mental health
2. Improved physical health
3. Social inclusion

This year these three things have been the markers of impact for Reclink’s programs across the country.

Even during COVID we connected with over 100,000 people across the country. 

I encourage you to view the video link provided below and to click through to our Impact Report for a full statistical summary of all of our activities across 2021.

We remain committed to deepening our relationships with all of our stakeholders and are excited for another year of partnership and growth.

Kind Regards,

Dave Wells
Reclink Australia

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