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Connecting through Dance: Sophie Bejek’s Story

Sophie Bejek of Fuego Dance has been delivering DanceFit classes all around Sydney for Reclink’s member agencies since early 2020.


Throughout that time, she delivered up to 10 classes per week in local parks & community centres from Toongabbie to Merrylands, Guildford to Woolloomooloo and several areas in-between with packed classes that varied in participants aging from 10.


This of course all changed when NSW entered a COVID-19 lockdown with no end in sight, leaving Sophie unable to deliver her classes to the wider community.


The Reclink Connect program has since allowed Sophie to continue following her passion remotely though.


“I was so happy to get connected with my participants again,” she said.


“It was a great chance for me to expose new people from all around Australia in my class, which wouldn't have happened without the online option.”


Sophie now hosts one class per day through Reclink Connect and features people from communities from all across Australia joining in.


Her clients from the Sydney metropolitan region participate regularly and with Reclink Connect’s online model making access easy and open, Sophie now has people from as far away as Broken Hill, Ballina, Wollongong and right across Australia tuning in for her very popular sessions.


Sophie’s classes are fun, engaging and most importantly a great workout for those who attend.


“Running online classes was new to me - it has certainly provided me with a different experience,” she said.


“I love how everyone can exercise and dance from the comfort of their own home.”


This statement from Sophie epitomises the core values behind why Reclink Connect was established - to give our communities a safe place to exercise during lockdowns or who are otherwise unable to leave the house.


There is no expectation that cameras are turned on when participating but a quick scan of Sophie’s classes reveals the smiling faces of participants thoroughly enjoying their 60-minute DanceFit sessions under Sophie’s guidance.


The Reclink Connect program offers a number of different classes ranging from Sophie’s DanceFit to Bollywood Dance, Creative Writing, Dance Hall, Fitness, Gentle Exercise, Health Chats, Hip Hop, Jump Rope, Meditation, Pilates, Tai Chi, Yoga, Zumba and many more.

Sophie even supports our other facilitators by joining their classes.


“I always wanted to exercise at home, but I never had the motivation for it,” she said.


“Joining Reclink Connect has given me the motivation that I needed.


“Exercising with a group of amazing people from different backgrounds has brought a lot of joy to my life during lockdown.”


Sophie is just one example of how the Reclink Connect program has positively influenced the lives of a variety of different people during what has been an incredibly challenging period.


The ability to access the program at the same time every day and see the friendly face of one of our facilitators has brought so much joy to many.


Sophie remains entirely appreciative for the opportunity that Reclink Connect has provided her to continue her passion.


“I'm so grateful to have the chance to wake up every day and move my body, connect and smile,” she said.


“Being part of Reclink Connect has increased my confidence and passion for my job.”


Reclink Connect is an online and interactive program open to the entire Australian Community. Programs run daily, Monday to Friday on Zoom with professional instructors and welcoming staff. All sessions are free, and participants can choose to engage at any level – all are welcome.


For more information on the Reclink Connect program or any Sydney related programs, please contact Samantha Devlin at


Sophie Bejek is a Sydney-based dance instructor. Born in Syria, Sophie moved to Australia as an asylum seeker in 2018. She discovered DanceFit through a Reclink program in partnership with Inner West Council. Read her full story HERE.

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