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Reclink Australia Host Bega Valley Youth Film Festival

Reclink Australia’s team in the Bega Valley were delighted to play host to the ‘Voices of the Valley’ Youth Film Festival at the Bega Civic Centre on Friday 28th April.

The recent workshop held in the Bega Valley area enabled youth of the Valley to create their own film masterpieces in the lead-up to the Festival, with the final results captivating the attendees at last week’s showcase.

The four-day workshops, which had five facilitators, helped 12-25 year-olds to storyboard ideas, write scripts, rehearse with actors, interview, and successfully execute their visions, with a focus on the people of Bega Valley. 

Julia Willson, Reclink’s Bega Valley Sports Coordinator, said she was thrilled to see the hard work of the region’s youth come to fruition so successfully.

“This was such an amazing opportunity for the youth of Bega Valley,” she said.

“The participants showed great enthusiasm and drive throughout the whole project.

“What I really loved about the workshop and the premiere is how it brought so many different people from all walks of life together.

“I think the value of diversity is so important and really can create amazing things!”

Reclink Australia would like to say thank you to MP Dr Michael Holland for his introduction on the evening.

Reclink Australia would also like to acknowledge the generosity of the NSW Government and the Bega Valley Shire Council for their support in bringing this incredible program to life, and look forward to working with the community to deliver similar projects in the future.

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