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Reclink Australia receives a $138,000 grant from Healthway

Healthway and Reclink Australia partner to deliver a women’s health and wellbeing participation program in Western Australia as part of Healthway’s Innovation Challenge Program. The $138,000 grant awarded to Reclink will ensure creative approaches to women’s involvement in sport are developed and maintained.


The Innovation Challenge Program was created to provide flexible funding for innovative projects that help increase participation in physical activity.

The grant will be used to support Reclink’s women’s health and wellbeing participation program in Western Australia.


In response to the recent launch of the National Women's Health Strategy 2020-2030, Reclink has identified a need to improve women’s participation rates in physical activity.


Reclink endorses a collaborative approach to deliver tailored sports and recreation programs for women. This grant will assist Reclink to develop the program and increase women’s participation.


“This program will assist in improving overall health outcomes for women and girls, particularly those at significant risk of poor health and inactivity within the community,” said Dave Wells, CEO Reclink Australia.


"There should be no barriers to community participation in sport and it's great to see so many organisations thinking outside the box to increase participation, particularly among at-risk groups," said Hon Dr Tony Buti, Minister for Sport and Recreation.


Reclink will collaborate with a variety of community support providers to develop an innovative gender-specific program to support the needs of women. This project will explore the unique local challenges and barriers that may be preventing women and girls from participating in physical activity.


“The program will ensure all participants are provided with as much flexibility and support as possible,” said Sarah Kitis, Western Australia State Manager, Reclink Australia.


Reclink’s structured sport and recreation programs have been independently evaluated by La Trobe University, with proven results and improved life outcomes. Participants include those experiencing mental illness, family violence, homelessness, social isolation, gambling harm, unemployment, and drug and alcohol rehabilitation. 77% of respondents reported a better outcome since participating with Reclink.

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