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Reclink Community Hustle - The Launch

Chyla Pfeiffer

“I’ve never played formalised Basketball before” says Chyla Pfeiffer, the Glenora District High School

Point Guard with smooth handles and a hunger to drive into the lane, create contact, and put the ball in the hole.

This is what the Reclink Community Hustle – in conjunction with Basketball Tasmania - sets out to achieve. A 3 on 3 basketball tournament for schools in the northern suburbs who are faced with a wealth of challenges and barriers to the pathways of sport.

For Chyla and the Glenora High School, it is the geographical challenge of being a regional hub of farmland and good folk. And whilst there are sporting clubs based out of New Norfolk, they sadly don’t have the funding to run coaching clinics, with an eye towards talent identification, to ensure naturally talented kids like Chyla aren’t restricted to pick-up/social games in the schoolyard.

This tournament aims to identify talent like Chyla’s and provide a vehicle to the strong social environments of sporting clubs. Sure, pathways to elite level sport are important; who doesn’t want to play pro-sports!? But the pathway to strong social standards/behaviours, role-models, mentors, and the depth of industry involvement that a group of adults/leaders bring for employment opportunities is often life-changing when it comes to disengaged and regional students.

“I have always loved sport. I surprised myself today. I’ve only played against the boys in the schoolyard so it was cool to have the ball in my hands. If the chance came to pursue Basketball at club level, I would definitely want to be involved”

Congratulations Chyla Pfeiffer on being the Reclink Community Hustle’s inaugural Player of the Week.

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