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Sexism and Sport, A New Iteration of the Respect Women: ‘Call it Out’ Campaign

Sport brings communities together, gives us a sense of belonging, and it has the power to create change. 

Significant steps have been taken by many state and national sporting codes over the past decade to move towards equality.

However, we know that sexism is still part of the sporting world – within teams and organisations, as well as in the stands, and in the homes of fans. Other forms of discrimination like racism, homophobia and ableism can also be found on and off the field.

We all have an opportunity to use sport – playing, watching, and learning about it – to:

  • Break free of stereotypes that harm women and girls
  • Create an even playing field for future players and fans
  • Challenge outdated ideas about men and masculinity
  • Foster safe, inclusive communities on and off the field. 

The only way to prevent violence against women is to change the culture that allows it to happen, and with sport, we have the power to create a safer world for women and girls.

How can you support this campaign?

  1. Share the campaign - with your family, friends, professional network or organisation. 
  2. Follow Respect Victoria on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter and share their posts throughout the Sexism and Sport campaign period Sunday 17 April - Sunday 30 June.
  3. Increase your awareness - choosing to lead with respect in our relationships, workplaces, schools, universities and homes can ultimately prevent family violence and all forms of violence against women. All forms of family violence are preventable and we can all play a role in stopping violence before it starts. Learn more here. 
  4. Advocate and educate others - actively share your knowledge with your network and affiliated organisations to consider.
  5. Call it out - outdated ideas about gender hold everyone back on the field and in the arena. It's time to move on. Let's call out concerning behaviour on and off the field. 

For more information about this campaign, visit the Respect Victoria website HERE. 

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