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Women in Leadership

Reclink Australia is committed to inclusion and equality for all. As a community organisation we recognise and value the importance of gender diversity, and are committed to a workplace environment where all people are able to enjoy the same rewards, resources and opportunities regardless of gender. 

As CEO of Reclink Australia, and a Change Our Game Champion, I am proud and excited to announce my support of the Reclink Australia Gender Equality Project, with funding from Change Our Game Victoria and support from Victoria University. 

Reclink Australia is an organisation focused on social inclusion, with programs that are open and accessible to all people. All of the programs that Reclink has delivered in our 30 years as an organisation have been inclusive of people from all genders, and we now look to strengthen this action with a strategic approach within our own workforce, and workplace.

We will embrace and demonstrate our commitment to gender equality by reviewing and updating our organisational policies and procedures. 

We are promoting a positive culture throughout our organisation nationally, presenting on the importance of gender equality and the business case for it at our annual National Conference and at national and state meetings.

We are making our commitment clear through our website, as you see here, to promote gender equality and women’s leadership opportunities to our team, our participants, and the wider community. 

Finally, we seek to promote women’s participation at an executive level within Reclink. We are developing an annual women’s leadership program for our female employees and volunteers. This includes the formation of an advisory group comprising of women employed in our organisation along with the assistance of Victoria University. This program will be available to all the women of Reclink, across the organisation nationally. 

We will continue to update our website as our program progresses, and include leadership opportunities, courses and scholarships that are available to the wider community. We will share our knowledge and learnings and continue to promote gender equality not only within our organisation, but in the wider sport and not-for-profit sectors as well.

John Ballis
Chief Executive Officer

June 4 2020

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