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More Regional Grants To Prevent Gambling Harm

Minister for Gaming and Liquor Regulation Marlene Kairouz announced $250k in community program grants to tackle gambling addiction in regional Victoria in response to break the cycle of addiction.

The Reclink Australia and Victorian Responsible Gambling Foundation partnership is going to have a hugely positive impact on these communities. Reclink is working with Gambler’s Help regional agencies to create a regional football league in Central Victoria and Gippsland to break the pathways to high-risk behaviours, like gambling, through social connection, improved health and wellbeing, and other supports. The Victorian Responsible Gambling Foundation - Reclink partnership is important because it allows teams like the Bendigo Bombers to participate in the league as an alternative recreation activity, the take-up of which reduces the risk of young men, in particular, experiencing gambling harm. WATCH WIN NEWS HERE

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