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Reclink India

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Reclink India

Funded through specific philanthropic donations, Reclink India, our first international structured sports program has been developed to engage young people to participate in an Australian Rules football program.

In 2018 Reclink India engaged over 6,500 school children every week playing Australian Rules football to improve the physical, psychological, and social development of all participants.

Introducing Australian Rules football in schools has vastly increased the scope of development of the game and has created real opportunities for children and particularly young women playing sport for the first time in their school. Mumbai is where our largest group of players and coaches involved in Reclink India are located, followed by Rajasthan, Punjab, and Uttar Pradesh provinces, all actively supporting our schools and community program.

To date, 20 schools across 12 cities in India have formally adopted the Reclink India program as their primary whole-of-school sports program.

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