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Corporate Volunteering

Corporate, or employee volunteering is one way organisations can get involved in Corporate Social Responsibility Programs. These have been growing in popularity and can help build a more committed, engaged, creative and energetic workplace.

Organisations that engage in corporate volunteering actively encourage their staff to volunteer. Individuals can often feel rewarded if they’re given a chance to make a positive difference in their communities. Flow-on benefits can include better teamwork, leadership development and increased staff loyalty and morale.

Organisations can choose to offer staff time off each year to volunteer, or arrange a team day for volunteering.

We have many corporate volunteering opportunities available at Reclink Australia:

  • Pre and post-event support at the Reclink Community Cup, community garden projects, the Great Peninsula Paddle, the Frank Galbally Cup, Run Walk Roll events, helping with food and beverage services etc.
  • Sport and art program support such as umpiring, coaching, training, running art workshops etc.
  • Administrative support
  • Outbound calling

For more information about our Corporate Volunteering, please get in touch with our Fundraising and Corporate Partnerships Manager via email or call 03 9419 6672.

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