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Workplace Giving

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Change lives with workplace giving

A workplace giving program can help your business recruit the best talent, increase employee engagement, and lead to higher productivity.


80% of employees believe that having a workplace giving program makes their company a better place to work and demonstrates a genuine commitment to the community (Good2Give, 2015).

Your employees choose the amount of their salary they wish to donate and it will be deducted directly with their pay — giving them an instant tax benefit. It’s easy to set up and easy for your employees to participate.

  • 86% of employees stated they were proud to work for their company because of their sponsored workplace giving programme (Good2Give, 2015)
  • Companies that offer donations via payroll see four times the rate of participation than programs that don’t (Benevity, 2015)
  • Organisations with high employee engagement experience 2.5 times greater revenue growth than organisations with low employee engagement and have reported profitability up to 16% higher than average (Australian Charities Fund Research, 2014).

Why Reclink Australia?

Reclink’s workplace giving program will appeal to all of your employees – with issues ranging from enabling access to local sport and community groups for homeless people or empowering Indigenous communities in Australia through sport and art programs, there is something for everyone to feel passionate about.

Our Fundraising and Corporate Partnerships Manager is available to ensure your workplace giving program runs smoothly. They can even help to organise personalised activities which also help to boost staff engagement, such as volunteering, taking part in events, and/or arranging a guest speaker to attend a staff event.

On any given night in Australia, 1 in 200 people are homeless.¹ One in five Australians aged 16-85 experience a mental illness in any year.²  Over half of adults in the lowest income households do no exercise at all and rates of obesity are higher in households with lower incomes.³  Join our movement for change and help people help themselves in the fight against social exclusion and disadvantage.



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What’s in it for your organisation?

  • Workplace giving correlates with greater staff engagement, retention, productivity, reputation and social impact
  • You can monitor the level of charitable giving that your company has helped achieve
  • Receive updates on how the money you have raised has helped to change lives
  • Any administration costs involved are tax-deductible.

How do you start?

As an organisation, the scheme is free to arrange. Contact Reclink’s Fundraising and Corporate Partnerships Manager to discuss setting up payroll giving in your workplace or for more information about how your organisation and employees can get involved with Reclink.

What can be achieved?

Together we can achieve more. Workplace giving is all about the collective impact.

  • $46,000 can establish a rural football league with six teams, providing 80 disadvantaged participants with weekly football games over the winter season.

Inspire your employees. Let them know how and why they can give through their pay and register your business today.

"It’s made me a better person as in it’s made me think about life, it’s made me care about other people. It’s brought me and a lot of people together as friends."