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Sponsorship is one of the more visible forms of community-business partnerships available at Reclink Austraia. They can provide a good basis for a partnership because both parties achieve great benefits. Reclink Australia’s sponsorship arrangements are flexible and can be altered to suit almost any needs and capabilities.

For business, sponsorship offers the opportunity to publicise the organisation's name, product or service through its association with Reclink Australia, raising your profile, image and showcasing your corporate social responsibility.

Reclink Australia values sponsorship because it offers us some all-important financial support. This allows us to concentrate on our mission of supporting disadvantaged Australians through our sport and art programs. Importantly, sponsorship opportunities with Reclink Australia do not necessarily require money. They can involve the provision of services, goods, administrative support or marketing assistance in return for branding.

The biggest opportunity for sponsorship is through our biggest fundraising event – the Reclink Community Cup. Businesses can really benefit from sponsoring this national, award-winning charity football match with live music which is held annually in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Hobart, Adelaide and Perth.

For more information about sponsorship with Reclink Australia, please contact our Fundraising and Corporate Partnerships Manager via email or phone – (03) 9419 6672.

"It’s about a sense of belonging, it’s about the feeling of self-worth, it’s about being in a group of likeminded people that if you … there’s I suppose a way of explaining the environment of RecLink is when two people in the RecLink program talk to each other, some will say that this has gone on for them, and the other person will nod and say yeah, I know how you feel." Reclink Participant.