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Into the drink!

Reclink Australia Dive Club returned from a 4 day camp at Mount Gambier in early January. The 7 participants all came back enthralled with the excitement of diving in a freshwater environment. The camp began with a series of the usual mishaps that can strike any intrepid expedition; equipment problems, hire bus breaking down and leaving the Adelaide Hills well behind schedule for a long 5 hour drive in the pouring rain. Nonetheless as our dive club motto is “it’s all part of the adventure!” - everyone’s spirits remained high over the whole journey.  

The first morning in the Mount it was cold and wet with 30 knot winds, but nonetheless the crew set out for Ewen’s Ponds for the first dive. By the time we had kitted up (6 divers and 2 snorkellers) the rain cleared and the sun came out as requested. For those who don’t know it, Ewen’s Ponds is a series of 3 freshwater springs with unlimited visibility and fantastic colours, with perch crayfish and lots of small fish and other critters.

Other highlights of the trip were late night fishing on Port Macdonald Jetty, the late arvo walk around the rim of the famous Blue Lake, dives in the Little Blue Lake sinkhole –dark and 11 degrees-at the 36 metre mark! Lots of laughs and merriment were had in the vehicles and around the dinner table.

All participants (6 blokes and 2 ladies) felt that the experience made a significant difference to their vision of a better life and was a real incentive to continue to work towards achieving their goals.

Andy Asser

South Australian State Manager/Life Member - Reclink Dive Club           

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