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Jofre Family Won 2015 Season The Biggest Loser is taking part of Choctober Campaign

~They shed weight on The Biggest Loser, but now the Jofre boys have a formidable new challenge – no chocolate for an entire month.

Pablo, Tony, Rob and Daniel have signed up for Choctober, a month-long campaign during October to raise money for Reclink’s women’s sport programs.

Founded in 1989 by fourth-generation Werribee resident Peter Cullen, Reclink provides immediate opportunities for thousands of disadvantaged people to take part in sport, recreation and the arts.

The Jofres, also from the western suburbs, said they felt connected to Reclink and what it does, so decided to become ambassadors.

“The motto for Choctober is ‘give a little, change a lot’,” Tony said.

“We believe in what Reclink is about and what they do for the community.

“A lot of our boot-camp clients are women, so we can relate and understand the importance fitness plays in everybody’s lives.”

Mr Cullen said all funds would go towards sport programs for disadvantaged women to give them a sense of inclusion and belonging.

“That’s women who have come out of prison, victims of family violence, alcohol and drug rehabilitation, homeless – all kinds of disadvantage,” he said.

“It will fund football teams, fitness classes, basketball, netball, and even Tai Chi.”

The Jofres will also donate gold coins collected at their community boot camps to Choctober.

Boot camp:

To donate to the Choctober campaign:


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