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Reclink's 25th Anniversary

This year Reclink Australia celebrates its 25th anniversary.

Reclink Australia started from humble beginnings, a simple kick to kick at an oval in St Kilda.  Peter Cullen, the founder of Reclink, working as a street outreach worker observed “that on the street outreach you saw people living in a lost world, where there seemed no clear pathways to opportunity, no easy positive way for them to be involved in the world.”

Back then, as it is now, the premise was simple. “Engage the most disadvantaged with structured sport, recreation and art programs. Something that would act as a circuit breaker of destructive behaviour. Something that would reconnect them back into the community.” Peter Cullen AM, Founder Reclink Australia.

Today, Reclink Australia operates nationally providing a diverse range of activities and over 80,000 sport and art participation opportunities aimed at building capacity for disadvantaged Australians.

We target some of the communities most vulnerable and isolated people, including people experiencing significant mental health challenges, disability, homelessness, substance abuse, culturally and linguistic diverse communities, indigenous communities, correctional services and economic hardship.

Over 80,000 disadvantaged Australians have benefited from Reclink’s program over the past 25 years.

For more information on Reclink Australia’s programs, please go to:

To commemorate 25 years of Responding, Rebuilding and Reconnecting, Reclink is holding a community celebration where it all began, in St Kilda.

Event Date and Venue:

Date:               Sunday, 29th November 2015

Duration:        11.00 am – 3.00 pm

Venue:            Peanut Farm Reserve, St Kilda

The 25 year celebrations will be held on the 29th of November at the Peanut Farm and will include:

  • ‘Come and Try’ sport and art activities
  • Live music
  • Dream time story telling
  • Family entertainment
  • Celebrity guests – Footballers, Musicians and other personalities

We look forward to you helping us celebrate this milestone.

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