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Up the river with a paddle for a good cause

South Australian State Aboriginal Affairs and Reconciliation Minister Kyam Maher will on Thursday take to the water at Murray Bridge to help celebrate the fundraising efforts Reclink Australia.

Reclink Australia is holding a “Kayak at the Bridge” event to celebrate the outcomes of the Adelaide Reclink Community Cup, held for the first time in South Australia at the Norwood Oval last August.

As a result of funds raised at the match, Reclink Australia  has purchased seven kayaks and a trailer, as well as funding a kayaking program for disadvantaged groups across the state for 12 months.

Reclink Australia has invited unemployed people, mental health and disability groups, Aboriginal youths, and students from two of the region’s schools – Fraser Park-Murray Bridge and Cambrai Area School – to take part in Thursday’s event.

Minister Maher says the Adelaide Reclink Community Cup charity football match has built a great tradition in Melbourne and Sydney, and is now set to become an annual event in Adelaide.

“For more than 20 years the Reclink Community Cup has been a major event on Melbourne’s annual fundraising calendar, attracting crowds of more than 10,000 people to watch the musicians battle the media,” he says.

“Sydney joined in 2011, and last year football matches were played in Adelaide and Perth for the first time. Our inaugural match at the Norwood Oval was a brilliant event, bringing musicians and members of the media from across the state together to play football and raise money for disadvantaged people.
“It was a great thrill to play in the match, and I’m delighted to be joining Reclink again at Murray Bridge on Thursday to celebrate the results of that event.”

Adelaide Reclink Community Cup organiser Koral Chandler says she’s thrilled the money raised at the inaugural SA football match is going to such good use.

“With the purchase of the kayaks and trailer, it means that Andy Asser - Reclink Australia's SA Manager - can travel around the entire state to reach out to the people most in need of positive engagement,” she says.

"Let's hope in 2016 the second Adelaide Reclink Community Cup can bring even more people in the music, media, sporting and wider communities together to support such an important organisation."

Reclink Australia is are priviledged to have the ongoing support of Minister Maher and the Adelaide Organising Committee.

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