VicHealth’s Future Active Program Continues to Succeed

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5 months ago

Reclink Australia’s partnership with VicHealth and the ongoing ‘Future Active’ program continues to result in wonderful outcomes for participants across Victoria.

Initially designed to bring physical activities to previously underutilised spaces within communities, recent evidence suggests that the Future Active is also proving to be successful in re-introducing activity – in a variety of different formats – into the lives of many local residents of communities as well.

Cameron Hale (pictured, right), heard about the Reclink Australia Beach Volleyball program being held at the Epping YMCA through contact with one of his career teachers at Epping Secondary College.

After several weeks of being “pestered” by many of his schoolmates who were already participating, Cameron decided to join his friends in the program, and has loved it ever since.

“I’m so glad I did (become involved), as I have a lot of fun playing and enjoy the competitive feel to it while also being able to play volleyball outside of school hours,” he said.

Cameron singled out beach volleyball as his “favourite” among those currently being offered at the YMCA, and even indicated a willingness to take his interest further.

“I’m very keen to form my own team to play in the competition at the Epping YMCA,” he said.

“I also like the fact that the program is free and allows everyone to join.

“I really enjoy playing sports and getting better every week.”

Fadi (pictured, left), coach of the beach volleyball program, said Cameron was always the among the first participants to arrive each week and willing to get started immediately.

“Cameron is often at the court waiting for 5pm to start playing”, Fadi said.

“He’s very keen and has improved a lot since he first came.

“We are very glad to have Cameron involved”.

For further details on any of the Reclink Australia / VicHealth Future Active programs being run in the north metropolitan region, contact Sports Coordinator Brendan Murphy via email at [email protected], or visit the Reclink Australia website to browse the newly-implemented Club Reclink portal HERE.

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