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Donnybrook story
5 months ago

Downball at Donnybrook Leads to Further Opportunities as Part of VicHealth’s Future Active Program.

Reclink Australia’s North Vic Metro team continues to engage with young people in their communities in a variety of different ways as part VicHealth’s Future Active program.

In partnership with the City of Whittlesea’s Youth Services, Reclink’s team was able to achieve the co-design of a downball tournament specifically for young people in attendance at Hume Anglican Grammar.

As was the original intention of the Future Active program, this tournament was created specifically by young people, for young people; resulting in the development, commitment, promotion, engagement and management of the tournament being done by these individuals.

After the original concept was formed, a student committee was created and subsequently met over a period of three weeks to formulate the concept, rules, promotional materials and registration for the tournament.

As the imagery suggests, the interest displayed by young people to participate in this tournament has since gone above and beyond expectations.

Over the course of four weeks, Tuesday lunchtimes with Hume Anglican Grammar would see over 30 young people involved in the tournament’s gameplay.

The students were able to effectively manage the logistics of the tournament to ensure everyone played each other at least once, and ultimately enjoyed themselves over the duration of the four weeks as well.

Even outside of the structure of the tournament, the success of the program’s inception is best indicated by the fact that there are now consistently large groups of young people playing downball during recess, lunch and even after school every day.

In addition, the program has allowed the Reclink Australia North Vic Metro team to continue the development of further relationships within the school community and look at options to provide other sporting programs that are ongoing.

In particular, cricket and basketball programs that are also now underway during lunch breaks at the school seem to be the most popular.

Reclink is excited to continue the success of all of these partnerships as part of the VicHealth Future Active program and witnessing young people enjoying physical activity in a variety of different ways and at a variety of different locations; many of which would be considered underutilised previously.


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