Diverse Range of Participants Enjoy Reclink’s ‘Swim and Gym’ in Melbourne’s West

Swim and Gym Program
1 week ago

Participants in Melbourne’s west are continuing to enjoy the benefits of Reclink Australia’s Swim and Gym program at the Melton Waves Leisure Centre.

Under the guidance of Reclink Sports Coordinator Fofo Nshimirimana, individuals of migrant backgrounds have been sourced from an Iraqi Syriac Community Group residing across suburbs such as Caroline Springs, Brimbank, Fraser Rise and the wider Melton area to participate in the latest Reclink Swim and Gym program to operate out of Melton.

The Group’s Leader, Abdulmaseeh Feryou, said that Reclink’s work had resulted in a profound impact on all participants since he came to know of the organisation over five years ago.

“We as a Group wanted to register our membership with Reclink just prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, and it took a while to benefit from the program due to the ongoing lockdowns and restrictions of activities,” Feryou explained.

With many members of this group not being able to afford access to a facility like Melton Waves regularly, Reclink Australia’s commitment to removing the barrier of cost is key to them being able to get physically active.

“Following the pandemic, we had a partnership with Didi Bahini Samaj (a non-profit organization working for the well-being and health of women in Victoria) which included swimming lessons at Melton Waves,” he said.

“After that, we were able to connect with Reclink to benefit from the free access to the Leisure Centre.”

Feryou indicated that the diverse group of participants involved in the program had enjoyed a wide range of benefits in addition to the physical components.

“My Group mainly includes seniors of Iraqi descent, predominantly migrants who have arrived in Australia from anywhere between two and eight years ago.

“Most of them need this program because most seniors don’t have study or work commitments to fill their time anymore, and a lot of the time they are just at home,” he said.

“This program has helped them mentally as well as socially.”

Feryou also explained that the opportunity to enjoy the complimentary access to the Centre’s facilities had shined a light on expanding their physical capabilities too.

“People who have participated in the swimming lessons had fun and also learned a lot, but also became keen to explore what other community programs they might be able to be involved in as well,” he said.

“Participants in this program will be encouraged to venture out of their homes more than they otherwise would, and it’s very easy to see that they enjoy it so much.”

“From my experience, I know that Reclink is an organisation that supports communities and people of all ages to thrive through recreational activities.

“For my Group, it’s been such a catalyst for engaging in – and contributing to – the overall enjoyment of their life in Australia.”

Anyone interested in learning more about our programs in the western suburbs are encouraged to email [email protected], or visit our Club Reclink programs portal at https://club.reclink.org/.

Article/image: Sam Wharton.

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